Outdoor supports packages

The idea with the packages is that it should be easy to find an exciting package solution that includes activity as well as food and accommodation, whether you would like to sleep in a comfortable bed or in a windshield. Package solutions that allows you to experience the adventure fully – hike and/or paddle, cook over open fire, sleep in a tent or in a windshield. With or without guide? That’s up to you!

Of course you will have the option of having a specially composed package based on your own wishes, please just contact us and we will create a package that is. tailor-made to your needs.

In our bike packages you have the opportunity to spend the whole day outside, and then end the day with a delicious meal and go to sleep in a comfy bed. A package where the outdoor life and a comfortable accommodation meet.

Do you want to experience the nature more up close? No problem, you can do that too. Maybe you would like to sleep under the open sky, and cook your dinner over an open fire? Then you can do this together with a guide to feel extra secure. If you want to spend the nigh outside, but don’t feel like you need a guide, we can provide you with a solution where we set up a tent and lay out sleeping mattresses and sleeping bags for you. Your dinner and breakfast will be set out in a cooling bag and you will have the possibility to barbecue at the campsite.

For families with children, where just cooking outside is an adventure, we also offer a package where you get to sleep outside, canoeing, fishing and experience everything that the nature has the offer. This also includes a guide who will join you during the adventure.

All inclusive biking package – Sjuhäradsrundan

With over a thousand lakes, deep forests, a rich natural life and roads lined with flowers, this is a beautiful place to experience biking – at your own pace. Enjoy the wind in your hair, in the cultural landscape and by an almost completely paved cycle path of a total of 15 miles that takes you through hilly nature – without having to fight so much in the slopes.

Årås Outdoor activities – Family

How about spending time outside, cooking over an open fire and maybe sleep under the open sky? Fishing, canoeing? We have guides that will take care of you and handle all the practical issues during the tours. We want to offer an alternative to water parks and amusement parks.

Day trip food & culture by bike

A tour of historic sites with beautiful mansions and a medieval castle. You will visit some of the mansions that Birgit Th Sparre has written about in her novel series, Gårdarna runt sjön, in English ”Farms around the lake”. Lunch at Hofsnäs Herrgård and guided tour at Torpa.