Lena Molander

I have always liked being outdoors. There were big areas to move around and opportunities for physical challenges. I was basically born in to Friluftsfrämjandet, with a mother who volunteered as a leader to a group within their children community called Skogsmullarna. Quickly I realized how fun it is to guide children and young adults through the various adventures that can be experienced when spending time in nature, as strövare, frilufsare and TVM. The leadership assignment I had in Friluftsfrämjandet I shared with my own outdoor adventures. And my adventures were eventually shared with young adults in Friluftsfrämjandet, where we experienced lots of canoeing, and hiking in the forest as well as in the mountains.No connection can be compared to the one that you experience in nature together with other people; a bonfire, the coffeepot hanging in a chain above. The sleeping bags are laid out in the lean-to and it gets crowded and cozy when everyone is trying to make room for each other. But the adventure isn’t far away, it can be just around the corner. It’s all about having an open mind.

Outdoor support


We are now four companies who collaborate to be able to offer a wider range of activities. I am proud and happy to be able to work together with Peter at Vildmark Sjuhärad, who is incredibly proficient at outdoor cooking, everything from Kolbullar to fine dining. Jan-Ove Hallins Aktiviteter has kayaks, paddleboards and is a godsend when we need help transporting things. Ulf, who runs the company One Camp is offering activities that inspires and shares knowledge to help you go out in nature on your own.

With our shared abilities we can further complement our existing packages with paddling, cooking etc. But we can also meet most outdoor activities requested of us.


I am primarily functioning in and around the town of Ulricehamn

Ulricehamn is located in the inland of western Sweden between Borås and Jönköping, and it is a part of the textile heritage of Sjuhärad.

Ulricehamn is offering visitors a wide variety of activities. Mostly, they are focused on cycling, hiking and training opportunities. Ulricehamn has been established as an important destination when it comes to training and competing. At Lassalyckans Friluftsområde you can find one of Sweden’s most modern sports center. We combine activities with good food and nice accommodations. You can also find cozy small town shopping, high end brands at low prizes in Gällstad, and small farm shops in the countryside.

When visiting Ulricehamn, we hope you will get that special feeling. That you will have a lasting impression.

Ulricehamn is a living town in constant progress, a place for relaxation and feel-good moments. With the turning of the seasons, there is also a change in the town itself. With an active agriculture, a rich nature, and a lively town center, we hope to welcome you back to Ulricehamn.


Through our outdoor activities, we want our guests to get a feeling of safety when out in nature. The aim is that trough enjoying nature, a will to take care of it will follow.

Since our base of operation is nature itself, it is important for us to sustain it. We take care not to expose the environment to too much wear and tear, which is the main reason why we want to cater to smaller groups first and foremost. We are actively working towards creating and offering sustainable activities.

During our activities, we use as little disposables as possible.

We choose local alternatives for food, accommodations and other services as much as possible, that also have an expressed sustainability policy

Most of our activities are carried out on someone else’s land and hence, we want to keep good relations with landowners, local business’, associations, and organisations.

We inform our guests about allemansrätten (the right of public access) and the importance of consideration, both towards the surroundings, other people, and farm- and woodlands. We emphasize the importance of always bringing your waste back home.

A lot of our activities can be carried out all year round. We work towards creating interesting winter activities to be able to offer activities during the whole year.