Paddle in the moonlight at Hofsnäs

Do you want to experience a beautiful summer sunset and then the full moon from a still lake? Then we have the perfect evening adventure for you. Every full moon, we will paddle around the isthmus Torpanäset in kayak or canoe. We start at the east side in Yttre Åsunden by the boat house and continue north and pass under the bridge of Torpa into lake Torpasjön where the sun sets over the lake in a spectacular light. Then we continue over the lake and back to the west side of Hofsnäs where we go ashore. We light a fire, make coffee and have something nice to eat. As the moon rises, the night continues as long as we want to around the fireside.


June at 20.30

3 July at 20.30

1 August at 20.00 – This night it will be a super moon, when the moon is closest to earth in its orbit.

31 August at 18.30 – This is also a super moon.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at or +46 793-133044.

Book through e-mail at:


SEK 650 per person, for kayak
–  incl. kayak, paddle, spray deck and life vest

SEK 650 per canoe, for (Canadian) canoe
–  incl. canoe, paddle and life vest
–  Two people are needed to paddle one canoe, but we will work it out even if you don’t have a friend to paddle with

Prices include a guide, fika, and good company!