Activities at Outdoor Support

We at Outdoor Support want to support outdoor activities in all seasons. Check out our activities to see what you can do during the different seasons. You can also find us at Facebook and Instagram where you can follow what is currently happening.

Here you can see a few examples of activities at Outdoor Support

Hike on Åsundenleden

Our hiking package on Åsundenleden is of course beautiful during summer, but why not experience all of the colours of autumn during this one-day hike? We will fix transportation, lunch and fika. Just dress according to weather and enjoy the crisp air!

Outdoor Cooking

It’s hunting season and that means readily available venison for our cooking activities. Join us in the forest and cook a luxurious three-course venison meal over the open fire and enjoy dinner in beautiful natural surroundings.

Group activities

Bring your friends or your family out into the forest for a fun activity. Rent bicycles, hike, or paddle canoes. And perhaps end it with cooking a meal together? There are lots of alternatives for activities during all seasons if you dress accordingly.

About Outdoor support

Outdoor Support offers sustainable outdoor experiences of different kinds, such as hiking, cycling and outdoor cooking. We offer packages and guided tours together with local accommodations and food producers.

Hofsnäs – a perfect place for outdoor adventures

Hofsnäs and Torpanäset

Hofsnäs is an amazing area with natural, cultural, and relaxing activities. There you find the nature reserve of Torpa with the outer part of the lake Åsunden on one side and the lake of Torpa on the other side. In the reserve are several hiking trails with beautiful stops and barbecue sites. Hofsnäs mansion with its cafe and bistro lies in the middle of the area. A few kilometres away lies the stone castle of Torpa, built in the 16th century, with its castle cafe and restaurant.

We offer several packages and experiences in the area.

Rental at Hofsnäs

In the summer months you can find Outdoor Support at Hofsnäs. There you can rent bicycles, kayaks, canoes and paddleboards. Come in and talk to us or book from home.

Booking online will be available soon, but until then you can book through e-mail or telephone.


Telephone: +46 793-133044