Rental for paddling at Hofsnäs

The waters around Hofsnäs are optimal for paddling and what would be better than to try out different paddling equipment such as kayaks, canoes (or Canadians as they are often called), or SUP. SUP stands for Stand Up Paddelboard and that is a rather apt description of it. You can rent all of this at Outdoor Support at Hofsnäs.

Kayak and Canoe:

Half day, 10-12 Whole day, 10-16 24 hours Weekend
Kayak – one person SEK 360 SEK 490 SEK 590 SEK 990
Canoe – two persons SEK 250 SEK 400 SEK 500 SEK 600
Children’s Kayak SEK 200 Children’s Kayak is rented 0-2h for this price

Prices include life vests, paddle, and a spray deck for the kayak.

An extra seat for the canoe is available if you want to bring smaller children who cannot paddle themselves.

For longer rentals, contact us at or +46 70 2775364

SUP (Stand up paddelboard):

0-2 h 3-4 h
SUP SEK 250 SEK 350

Prices include life vest and paddle.



Telephone: +46 70 2775364