Outdoor Support at Hofsnäs

Hofsnäs is an amazing area with natural, cultural, and relaxing activities. There you find the nature reserve of Torpa with the outer part of the lake Åsunden on one side and the lake of Torpa on the other side. In the reserve are several hiking trails with beautiful stops and barbecue sites. Hofsnäs mansion with its cafe and bistro lies in the middle of the area. A few kilometres away lies the stone castle of Torpa, built in the 16th century, with its castle cafe and restaurant.

In collaboration with Ida and Danne at Hofsnäs Mansion, we want to inspire people and make it easier for visitors to experience nature and activities on site.

We are leasing canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and bicycles for adults and children alike. There are bicycle trailers and children’s seats for the smaller children who cannot yet ride a bicycle of their own.

In addition to the leasing, we offer guided tours and outdoor experiences in the area. If you want to try out something new or want to have an experience together with the family or a group of friends you can get a package deal with outdoor cooking, overnight stay and more.

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Opening hours for our activities at Hofsnäs

9 May-12 May  – start of the season, Thursday-Sunday 10-17

18 May-23 June – Saturday-Sunday 10-17

27 June-25 August – Thursday-Sunday 10-17

31 August – 29 September – Saturday-Sunday 10-17


We are now only open for bookings, please book your rental one day ahead, at the latest. Thank you.

Trying-out courses

Kayak – A perfect opportunity for beginners who has never sat in a kayak before or for someone who wants to refresh knowledge of the basics of paddling and safety. Read more here.

Paddleboard/SUP  – A 2-hour course of the basics, first on land and then on the water together. We will slowly go from sitting to standing on the board and then for a bit of a paddle along the shoreline. Read more here.

Canoe (Canadian) – Canoeing is perfect for a family outing. Suitable for all ages and with room for a lot of goods. The canoe is most suited for rivers and inlets but is fine on lakes as long as it’s not too windy. This is a 3-hour course for you to get to know and feel comfortable with the canoe. You’ll get to learn how to maneuver it and about safety on water. Read more here.

Rent your outdoor equipment at Hofsnäs

At Outdoor Support you can rent canoes, kayaks, SUPs, and bicycles for grown-ups and children alike. There are bicycle trailers and children’s seats for the smaller children who cannot yet ride a bicycle of their own. See below how to rent the different equipment. Online booking will be available soon, but until then we are happy to take your booking through e-mail or phone.

E-mail: uthyrning@outdoorsupport.se

Telephone: +46 793-133044

Paddling activities

The waters surrounding Hofsnäs are optimal for all kinds of paddling, and we want to show it to you by bringing you on adventures – both big and small. There are adventures for all ages and for the whole family. Below, you will find activities offered by Outdoor Support and our collaboration partner Hallins Aktiviteter at and around Hofsnäs.

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