Two-day trip ca 35 km cycling

Including 2 days cycling and 1 over-night stay. SEK 3700/person, children 6-13 years SEK 2100

Day 1: Duvereds Gård – Gudebo ca 11 km

The adventure starts at 12 o’clock at Duvereds Gård. Here you will get a lunch packet to bring for the day’s cycling trip. If you choose to rent bicycles, they will be available here as well. You also leave your luggage here and it will be transported to Gudebo where you will stay the night. You only need to bring what you need for the day with you on the bike. The trip that takes you to Gudebo will mostly follow the track named Änglaleden and you will be provided a map detailing the entire path when starting out. The over-night stay is on the beautiful bed &breakfast at Gudebo. You will prepare dinner together with Outdoor Support outside. Check-in is at the earliest 16.30. Breakfast is provided in the fridge for you to help yourselves to in the morning.

Day 2: Gudebo – Lindås Spa – Duvereds gård ca 18 km

After a nice breakfast at Gudebo it’s time to leave for Lindås Spa, approximately 5 km away from Gudebo. At 10 o’clock your spa treatment begins, so bear that in mind when taking off. The package includes aroma sauna, jacuzzi, hair treatment, and body scrub, bathrobe, and towel. If you wish to add other treatments, you are welcome to do so at your own expense. You will also be provided a lunch basket to enjoy in the beautiful surrounding at Lindås. When ready, around 2 o’clock, it’s time to saddle the bike for the last bit of the trip and head back to Duvered where you started out the day before.  The trip is about 13 km and takes about an hour. Your luggage will be transported back to Duvered during the day and will be wating for you to arrive. Again, you only need to bring what you need for the day with you on the bike. When arriving to Duvereds Gård we recommend a visit to the small boutique Gårdshuset where they sell their own organic beef, hamburgers, and sausage.

Included in the package:

  • 1 over-night stay at Gudebo B&B including bed sheets and towels
  • 1 outdoor dinner prepared together with Outdoor Support
  • A visit to the Lindås Spa including towel and bathrobe
  • 2 lunch packets
  • Breakfast at Gudebo
  • Luggage transport

Gudebo Gård 

A countryside accomodation. Gudebo Gård is a family homestead in Änglagård country. This is where Annette and Mikael runs, besides a cozy bed & breakfast, a forestry and organic animal husbandry – in short, a good place to relax in.

Lindås Spa och friskvård

is a family business with focus on well-being. They offer spa-treatments in the countryside close to flora and fauna. Here you can relax in a country setting where they care about nature and use organic and natural products when possible, both in food and spa-treatments.

Vandrarhemmet Årås kvarn

Welcome to visit Årås Kvarn & STF Vandrarhem, a special and charming place. It is an oasis located by the river Tidan where it connects the lakes of Jogen and Vållern. The inn is picturesque with eight rooms, a kitchen, and a gathering room. There is a barbecue cottage available for guests, located beautifully by the shore of Tidan.

Duvereds Gård

An organic farm, located just east of Ulricehamn, and run by Björn and Lotta. They have a farm house boutique, Gårdshuset, where they sell their own organic beef, hamburgers, and sausage.