A one-day adventure for families

Come along on a wonderful adventure for the whole family or even a couple of families together

A whole day outdoors where you will get to try out lots of fun activities together with a guide. Games and excursions in the woods, cooking food over open fire, canoeing, and fishing if you want to.

We will do our utmost for your wonderful and exciting day together outdoors.

Fika (snacks) and lunch that we prepare together over open fire or on storm cooker is included.

Where:  Hofsnäs

When:  Saturdays 10 am-4 pm

Price:  2500 SEK plus 100 SEK per person

Let the children experience the adventure fully and add an over-night stay in a tent, Lapp cot or a lean-to. This alternative also include dinner and breakfast that we will cook together outdoors. In this case you could also stay for other activities in the area the next day. For this package there is a cost of 2000 SEK added per family to the original price above.

Book now through email info@outdoorsupport.se

If you have questions or inquiries, contact us though email or phone at +46 702-775364