Adventuring packages

Some of our packages are more adventurous than others, suitable both for the more experienced and for the whole family. Our adventuring packages include hiking, cycling and paddling, and all combinations there off. There is something for everyone.

You are of course welcome to ask for a tailor-made package after your own wishes. Contact us, and we will customize one after your needs.

Have you always wanted to camp out in nature but feel like the preparations are to much? We have the perfect package for you! Paddle-Hike-Camp includes canoeing and hiking around the beautiful surroundings of Hofsnäs, sleeping in a tent already set up for you, and cooking a prepared meal on storm cooker or over open fire. You can choose to make the trip on your own or together with an experienced guide.

This package is suited for the beginner, not having slept or cooked outdoors before, as for the more experienced outdoorsman wanting a comfortable trip. Outdoor Support will do the planning and food purchases as well as provide the necessary equipment needed for sleep accommodations and cooking outdoors. If you want to feel some extra security, you can choose to have a guide with you for part of, or the whole trip. Over-night stays are spent in tent or lean-to.

A whole day outdoors where you will get to try out lots of fun activities together with a guide. Games and excursions in the woods, cooking food over open fire, canoeing, and fishing if you want to.We will do our utmost to make a wonderful and exciting day together with you outdoors.

Bring the family and discover Hofsnäs, a beautiful cultural nature reserve. Here you will hike on beautiful trails and paddle in the two lakes Yttre Åsunden and Torpasjön. You will sleep one night in a tent, already raised and prepared for you, and cook a prepared meal for yourselves on storm cooker or over open fire. All this in the middle of nature and close by the lake. We will do all the planing so that you can just enjoy.