Single day hiking package on Åsundenleden

A 12 km hike that goes through parts of a trail called Åsundenleden. The trail as a whole is 49 km and leads around the lake Åsunden in a varied landscape of woodland and farmland. It leads through two nature reserves, and you will pass one of them on this hike. The hike will take you on the western and most beautiful part of the trail. You will be transported to Alhammar where you take the trail north and back to Ulricehamn. You will walk through beautiful forests, sometimes right beside the shoreline and some parts lead trough hilly terrain.

The hike

The day starts with transportation by taxi from Ulricehamn station to Alhammar where you will start the hike. There you will find the trail Åsundenleden and follow it north and around the top of the lake back to Ulricehamn. For the 12 km long hike you will have lunch and fika* with you for you to enjoy somewhere along the way. There are lots of beautiful places with a lake view. The hike takes you through varied landscapes and several parts have high cliffs. At Alhammars grottor there are natural caves and majestic cliffs high above the lake.

There are natural green forests all around the lake and some of them are reserves. One of them, Kråkebo, is on your way and walking through it is like a storybook where you just must stop and listen to the birds’ melodious singing. Here you also find a beech forest that is wholly left to its own. The trees are left to grow until they die and eventually fall down. If you want to, you can climb to the top of the mountain of Kråkebo to look at the amazing view over the lake and city of Ulricehamn. The hike is medium to hard difficulty because of some steep parts but the last 3,5 km to the city is easy going on small roads and walkways along the shoreline.

A visit to the open-air swimming-bath is recommended when back in the city. There you will find fine dining and sauna.
There are parking spots close to the station with parking for the whole day.

*Fika is a Swedish cultural phenomenon and difficult to translate. It includes coffee or tea and often something sweet like a cookie or cake (sometimes seven different types) but most importantly it is a pause where you sit down together and take a break.

Price: SEK 850/person


  • Transport via taxi to the starting point
  • Lunch package and fika
  • Maps with written directions
  • On call service

Add on: Guide for the whole trip SEK 2500

For more information:, telephone: +46 702-775364