Exciting outdoor activities for the whole family

How about spending time outside, cooking over an open fire and maybe sleep under the open sky? Fishing, canoeing? We have guides that will take care of you and handle all the practical issues during the tours.

We want to offer an alternative to water parks and amusement parks. We offer an activity- and accommodation package for families with younger children. Here you can try activities that are just as exciting, but on the countryside in a stressless environment, without queues and crowding. Together with the family.

We offer a super cozy accommodation at the guest house Årås Kvard, where each and every room has its own history and decor. From here it’s close to many different activities that one may not always be used to having around the corner. How about 5 kilometers to an ice-cream factory with a café and farm shop, a proper distance for a bike ride. Here you can enjoy homemade ice-cream made with milk from the neighbors cows, eggs from their own free-range chickens and fruits and berries from the garden and forest nearby.

Examples of activites:

  • A days canoe trip together with a guide where we cook food outside, you can also add an overnight stay in a tent or wind shelter.
  • An adventure walk in the woods together with a guide, where you can cook food outside. Here you can also add an overnight stay in a tent or wind shelter if you’d like.
  • Cozy bike tours in the surroundings on small gravel roads with little traffic.
  • Bathing and fishing, it is several lakes nearby.

Other activities nearby

  • A visit to Hällstads Kronogård where you can try horseback riding on an Icelandic. You can choose either a full-day tour or just a few hours. On these tours you will always be joined by a guide. There is also a café at Hällestads Kronogård with other animals that you can cuddle with or pet. Hällestads Kronogård is located 28 kilometers from Årås.
  • Ekhagens prehistoric village is absolutely worth a visit! “Ekehagen’s prehistoric village is an archaeological museum and one of the largest ancient villages in the Nordic region! With the help of reconstructed environments, guided tours and activities, the prehistory makes it alive. Along the village’s beautiful nature trail lies settlements with houses and huts from stone, bronze and iron age. Ekehagens prehistoric village is located 33 kilometers from Årås.
  • Do you dare to try Hagårds Lagårds high-rope with cable railway, climbing wall etc.?  The high altitude track consists of nine platforms and nine obstacles that are built eight meters above the ground. The last obstical is a zip line that takes you back down to the ground. Hagårds Lagård is 22 kilometers från Årås.

Suggested plan for the week.

You can cook dinner in the guest houses kitchen, or book dinner to an additional cost. In some activities lunch and dinner is included. There is breakfast in the fridge and you can help yourselves.

Day 1 – Tuesday
You will arrive at Årås at lunch, and settle in at the guest house. Take a short bike ride to the ice-cream factory, 10 kilometers in total. Here you can enjoy homemade ice-cream. Book ”Grillmiddag Årås” that you can eat in the evening, and will prepare yourself.

Day 2 – Wednesday
Make a visit to Ekehagens prehistoric village, a full day excursion. ”Take the time machine to a family day where the ancient past comes to live with activities for all ages! Learn more about cooking, archery, ceramics, animals, stylish hairstyles, goddesses and much more. Or maybe you just want to sit by the fire and listen to a fairy tale?

Day 3 – Thursday
Paddle day with guide, canoeing instruction, canoe trip and we cook lunch out. If you want, then we can also arrange overnight stays out there, where a dinner also is included.

Day 4 – Friday
Choose if you’d like to go horseback riding on an Icelandic at Kronogården, or try the high-rope at Hagårds Lagård.
Time to return home!

You can pre-book the activities you want to do during the week, and we can arrange everything for you. For bookings at Ekehagen, the high-rope at Hagårds Lagård or horseback riding on an Icelandic an administrational fee of 25% will be added to the total amount.


Ekehagens forntidsby

33 km from Årås

Price example:
Event days, Wednesdays with family, 460 SEK.
Regular days, family 260 SEK.

Hagårds Lagård high-rope

Hagårds Lagård high-rope with zipline, recommended from the age of 10. The high-robe is available to book together with the climbing wall in a combination package.

Price example:
Adult 445 SEK/person
Up to 18 years 345 SEK/person

Horseback riding on an icelandic
28 km from Årås

Pric example:
1 hours walk in the forest on the horseback together with a guide 375 SEK/person.
Full-day on gravel roads and in the forest. Coffee and lunch is included in the price. 1350 SEK/person