Hikes that appeal to the whole family

Nature is close at hand in Borås; parks, lakes and big forests are all nearby. Borås offers a lot of outdoor opportunities, both near and a bit further away. Whether you like to hike, fish, cycle or perhaps just sit on a tree stump by a bubbling stream, there is something for everyone here. There are a lot of hiking trails in the surrounding of Borås. We have chosen a few of them that are pretty and suitable for all ages, and combined them with good accommodation.

We are offering a hiking package with hikes suitable for children.

Price: from SEK 2100/person, children up to 13 years SEK 800

Arrival at Fridays with hikes on Saturday and Sunday. You can choose between any of our hiking suggestions.

You get comfortable accommodation at Hotell Solhem Park in spacious family rooms with three or four beds where the children gets to sleep in real beds. The hotel is situated in the district of Östermalm – a calm and peaceful area at walking distance from the city center.

Since you arrive Friday, you can take your time and eat a tasty hotel breakfast before you leave for your hike on Saturday morning. If you want to have dinner at the hotel at Friday evening, it’s available until 9 pm.

For Saturday’s hike you can choose any of our suggested trails. They differ in length and difficulty to suit your needs. You will get packed lunches with you from the hotel to eat along the way. You can choose to have a guide join you for the hike as an add-on.

Back at the hotel you can relax in the sauna before having dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Check out from the hotel at Sunday morning before leaving for your next adventure. You can choose the length of the day’s hike depending on when you want to leave for home. Perhaps a visit to the marshes of Vånga Mosse or the trail of trolls (Trollstigen) is a good choice? You can choose to add a packed lunch for the day, otherwise there are lots of quaint cafes and restaurants in the area for you to choose from.

If you have questions, contact us at

info@solhempark.se   or   +46 33-799 01 00

info@outdoorsupport.se    or   +46 702-775364


Ekskogen 4 km, suitable from 6 years

Rya åsar, or the hills of Rya, is a nature reserve in central Borås. It offers varied surroundings for several kinds of outdoor activities. Here you can find steep cliff sides, hills of oak forests, vast evergreen forests and active farmland. The trails trough the different landscapes lead to resting areas, lakes and panoramic viewpoints. The area is accessible although some parts are quite steep. There are several places to have a picnic or a barbecue. At Ramshulan you can look at different garden plants. Running water and toilets are available.

We recommend the 4 km long trail “Ekskogen” (The oak wood) that starts from the parking space at Björbostugan and leads through the nature reserve. You will pass through the cultural landscape around Ramshulan and towards Ryssby which has several lookout spots near the trail. Further on you will pass through a deciduous forest via the high plateau Högplatån and Björbo hage back to Björbostugan. The symbol of the trail is an oak leaf. Lean-to and barbecue site lies nearby the trail.

Parking at Björbostugan, 20 m from the trail

Difficulty: Medium


Perfect for family outings

At the marshes of Vänga Mosse, the children can look for impressive birds and search for small lizards in the edges of the moss, there are quite a lot of them in the late summer. The trail mostly leads on footbridges and they are wide enough to accommodate a stroller.

500 meters from the trail lies the old mill, Vänga kvarn where you can take a break in the greenery, right next to the bubbling stream. The old mill has been around since the middle of the 19th century and is still active. The flour is milled the same way as in olden days and is then used in the bakery and cafe next door. There is also a living museum where you can learn more about the milling process.

Length from 2,3 km to 4,9 km

Vänga mosse lies 15 km north of Borås along highway 42 by Vänga. You can start either from the west or east parking spot.


Children’s hiking trail Trollstigen 1,7 km, suited even for the smallest children

The trail of the trolls starts in the park Sjöboparken (in the intersection of Trollgatan/Nissegatan). It is approximately 1,7 km long and leads on small gravel roads and forest paths. It is a little bit hilly along the way. Along the trail you will pass several intriguing stations in the forest where you get to follow the troll Kotte Mossmyr and his search for his grandma in the forest of trolls.

Parking at Sjöbo Torg, 250 m from the start of the trail


Rävstigen, or the fox path, is an adventure path for children with different elements of play along the way. The children get to know Rya the fox and her friends and they also get to try fun outdoor activities.

The first part is difficult to access with a stroller, but there is a way to meet up further ahead through the public entrance at the big notice board. The path is not fitted for accessibility

Rya the fox and her friends wishes you welcome.