Hiking on 3 different trails

Experience the 3 most beautiful hiking trails in the surroundings of Ulricehamn! The different trails offer beautiful and unique surroundings in a varied landscape. Björnöleden offers a calm and a tranquility as you walk trough southern Sweden’s biggest marshland. Åsundenleden gives a more intense impression with its cliffs and beech forests along with the view over lake Åsunden. Lastly, the trail Vildmarksleden will take you through historical and cultural landscapes that transports you back in time.

This hiking package includes three days of hiking and two over-night stays at Hotell Nyboholm in their newly renovated superior rooms for two.

The package in short

You arrive in Ulricehamn at noon where we will meet up at the hotel over a cup of coffee and go through the road map together before your first hike at Björnöleden in the afternoon. Day 2 is a full day hike at Åsundenleden and the last day you’ll have time for a shorter hike at Vildmarksleden before going home. For the shorter hikes on day 1 and 3 you will need your own car for transportation to and from the hiking trails, however, on day 2 you’ll take a taxi to the starting point.

Price SEK 3600/person in a double room

Day 1

Arrival to Ulricehamn

Hiking Björnöleden Komosse, Loop trail ca 5 km

Start out with lunch at one of our many restaurants before going out on your afternoon hike at Komosse. Komosse it southern Sweden’s biggest moor with an interesting and unusual flora. Björnöleden is a loop trail approximately 5 km long. From the footbridges you get to experience the feeling of solitude in a stunning marshland and it’s a good place to listen to the sounds of silence.

Take your own car to the starting point. Fika (snacks)  for the hike is included.

Dinner: Restaurang Bryggan

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel

Hiking a part of Åsundenleden ca 12 km

You will start by taking a taxi from Ulricehamn to Alhammar where you will enter the trail and follow it north and back to Ulricehamn. The hike will take you alongside the western shore of lake Åsunden which is the prettiest part of the trail. The trail leads trough natural green forests, some parts takes you along the shoreline, while other parts takes you up steep cliffs.

A taxi will pick you up at the hotel at 10 am. Outdoor Support will meet up with you at the hotel before that with packed lunch and fika (snacks).

Feel free to round out the day with a visit to kallbaduhset (the open-air swimming-baths) when you arrive back at Ulricehamn.

Dinner: Not included, but we are happy to help with tips and reservations

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel

Hiking Vildmarksleden, a loop trail, 8,5 km

The trail Vildmarksleden is an experience of culture and interesting history. It leads through dark forests, marshland, old cultural landscapes and beautiful green forests. There are information cards along the trail with stories about historic places and happenings in the area. The trail starts at Årås kvarn (Årås mill) outside of Ulricehamn and leads partly trough Årås nature reserve. There is also a shorter trail here, ca 4 km.

Take your own car to the starting point. Packed lunch is included and you can end the hike with fika at Årås before finally going home.

This package includes:

  • 2 over-night stays at a hotel double room, breakfast included
  • 1 dinner
  • 1 packed fika (snacks) for day 1
  • 1 packed lunch and fika for day 2
  • 1 packed lunch for day 3
  • Transport by taxi to the trail day 2
  • Maps and descriptive road maps
  • on-call service

Add a guide for the trip for SEK 2500

Hotell Nyboholm

At the northern approach to Ulricehamn you will find Hotell Nyboholm. As a guest you will enjoy a comfortable stay close to lots of activities and adventures. Start the day with freshly cooked breakfast in the nice diner. The superior rooms are spacious and neat, renovated 2021. All rooms comes with bathroom, shower, TV and free wifi. All guests have access to a kitchen, lounge and sauna.

Here you can find more hiking trails in western Sweden  www.vastsverige.com/vandra