A three-day trip on Sjuhäradsrundan

With over a thousand lakes, deep forests, a rich wildlife, and roads lined with flowers, this is a beautiful place to experience by bike – at your own pace. Enjoy the wind in your hair, the landscape, and an almost completely paved cycle path of a total of 150 kilometres that takes you through hilly nature – without having to work too hard on the slopes. This is because Sjuhäradsrundan is mostly an old railway track. This means that you will pass several beautiful train stations, old railway bridges – and sometimes you cycle above the treetops! And considering that the trip is almost completely car-free, except for a few kilometres this is an excellent cycling experience for the whole family.

Along the path there are several tourist attractions, where you probably want to make a stop – and enjoy. Because that’s what you do when you cycle on this trail – enjoy. The nature and the quiet lakes…

Sjuhäradsrundan – a trail around Sjuhärad

An advantage of Sjuhäradsrundan is that you get to start and finish the trip in the same place, Svenljunga. We transport the luggage between the accommodations. You only have to think about bringing what you need for the day on the bike. The luggage is available when you arrive at your hotel.

Out bicycle package on Sjuhäradsrundan is an all-inclusive package. Both lunch and dinner is booked for you along the way. You will stay the night at the Hotel of Solhem Park in Borås, and Hotell Bogesund in Ulricehamn. Booking for groups is available but please contact us if you are more than 6 persons so that we can confirm that there are rooms available for you.

Bicycle package Sjuhäradsrundan

3 days on bike, 2 overnight stays


From SEK 5600/ person in double room, Children age 6-13 from SEK 3800

Starting days:

Wendnesdays and Fridays during 28/4 – 27/10

Day 1

Svenljunga – Borås 38 kilometres

Day 1 you’ll cycle on Kindsbanan which was operated by freight train between Borås and Svenljunga during 1885 to 1902. It is one of Sweden’s most short-lived railways. Some parts of the path are gravel road but otherwise the road is paved. You pass many lakes and beaches/bathing jetties along the day’s tour. Between Svenljunga and Lockryd you cycle on a straight path that takes you through sweet-smelling marshland. When it’s time for lunch you stop at Köksträdgården in Lockryd where you will be served your lunch.

You will arrive in Borås and go by the city’s cycle paths to your hotel for the night, Solhem Park. Dinner is served in the hotel and there will be breakfast ready for you in the morning. The hotel also offers storage for your bikes indoors. If you want to explore the city, it is an easy 15 minutes’ walk to the city center. In Borås there is always something happening. This city is full of exciting public art and murals. You will find lovely cafés and great views along the river Viskan.

  • Lunch at Köksträdgården in Lockryd
  • Overnight stay: Hotel Solhem Park in Borås
  • Dinner: Booked and served at the hotel

Day 2

Borås – Ulricehamn 47 kilometers

You start today’s journey with a short back track. Once you leave Borås you will rejoin the old railway embankment that will take you all the way to Ulricehamn along lakes, cafes and fun experiences. The day’s lunch is a choice between two different cafes along the way, Älvåkers skafferi or Välagården, or you can bring lunch with you from the hotel. After lunch you will pass the two communities Nitta and Hökerum. The path leads along the river Viskan and here you will see clear signs from beavers who live in and around the river. If you want to, you can make a stop by the old castle ruins of Vädersholm and if you’d like to spoil yourself after today’s tour you can finish the bike ride with a visit to Kallbadhuset (open-air swimming-bath) in Ulricehamn, with both sauna and the possibility to bathe in the lake. It is located centrally right next to the cycle path.

  • Breakfast: served at the hotel
  • Lunch: Choose between three alternatives
  • Overnight stay: Hotel Bogesund. Your luggage is there when you arrive
  • Dinner: three-course-meal at the hotel

Day 3

Ulricehamn – Svenljunga 65 kilometers

You will begin at an amazingly beautiful part of the path, along the lake Åsunden. Steep leafy slopes and hilly terrain on both sides of the cycle path. Here is historic land, where Sten Sture the younger was  wounded by a cannon ball on the ice of Åsunden in 1520.

Near Marbäck, the man of Bredgård was found; 10 000 year-old parts of a skull were dug up by an excavator. During the day you will pass by Vegby, where there is a camping site, a swimming area and a shop, and Månstad, the small community that has more cows than residents. If you wish, you can make a detour to Hofsnäs Mansion and Torpa Stenhus 6 and 11 kilometers from the cycle path.

You will reach Limmared, where you can find 14 vintage stores with antique and retro items, and Glasets hus, a destination that you must not miss. Therefore, your lunch for today is booked there. The next place on the rout is Tranemo. Here you can find the hexagonal church with seven towers that is one of the town’s landmarks. Uddebo is the next small community that you will pass, with an interesting environment and buildings.

The tour ends in Svenljunga. Take the opportunity to take a trip around town. Most stores are located around the cobbled square.

  • Breakfast is served at the hotel
  • Lunch: Glasets hus in Limmared


3 days on bike
2 over-night stays
2 breakfasts
3 lunches
1 dinner
Luggage transport between the accommodations
Roadmap and description of the tour

Renting of bike (City bike with 7 gears and handlebar basket): SEK 550, electric bike SEK 1500 (with 7 gears and handlebar basket) both including helmet and an extra lock

If you’d like to wake up well-rested and ready to start the tour in the morning, we recommend that you arrive the night before the tour starts. This is available at an extra cost when you book the package.

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