Sjuhäradsrundan – An Experience of culture, art and design

Welcome to an experience of Sjuhärad in a three-day cycling package, that not only offer comfortable accommodations but also beautiful surroundings, rich in culture and exciting art and design along the way.

Sjuhärad is a part of the county of Västergötland and it is known for its textile heritage mixed in with modern art and culture as well as beautiful nature that is always close at hand. The region is full of cultural and historical sites, cafes, farm shops, hotels, and hostels where you can rest well.

The cycling package Sjuhäradsrundan will take you from Borås, a city full of art and design, through cultural landscapes and beautiful nature, through cities and villages, and finally back to Borås. The cycling trail is 150 km long and consists mostly of an old paved railway embankment. This makes it easy to travel on as well as easily navigated. And it’s free from traffic!

Sjuhäradsrundan –  a cycling trail through Sjuhärad

A good thing about Sjuhäradsrundan is that it’s a circuit trail which starts and ends at the same place. The cycling package starts and ends in Borås, a city with good communications of both trains and busses, and you can choose to add an extra night at the comfortable Hotell Solhem Park, either before or after your trip to make sure you get to experience everything the city of Borås has to offer. Here you can find around 40 big murals and countless smaller street art installations all around the city center. An app is available to download that takes you on a guided tour through the city. There are three popular art tours to choose from.

The trail of Sjuhäradsrundan takes you through four of the seven municipalities included in Sjuhärad and it passes several urban areas. We will transport your luggage between the accommodations. The only thing you have to bring on your bicycle is what you need for the day, and your luggage will be waiting for you at the hotel when you arrive. The package is all inclusive and both lunch and dinner is booked for you along the way. You can read more about the details of the trip below.

Cycling packag – Sjuhäradsrundan

3 days of cycling, 2 over-night stays

From SEK 5600 /person in a double room

Children 6-13 years, from SEK 3800

Days of arrival is Wednesdays and Fridays during the period: 26 April  to 30 October

Day 1

Borås – Ulricehamn  47 km

  • Lunch at Ådalens Café
  • Accommodations at Hotell Bogesund in Ulricehamn
  • Two-course dinner at Restaurang Bryggan

Borås has long been called the textile city of Sweden and lately its art has become a big part of the city’s identity. When you leave Borås and follow the trail towards Ulricehamn, you will firs come trough Gånghester. Here you will find a part of the textile history of Sweden. Eton have since 1928 been making high quality shirts and its HQ is still situated here in Gånghester along with an Outlet. Why not make a stop here before continuing on?

The rest of the day offers more history for any interested. You will pass an old mill in Dalsjöfors, an old church from the 13th century in Hökerum and ruins from medieval castles at Vädersholm and Fagranäs, just to mention a few. There are also several lakes along the way, perfect for a swim on a sunny day. Lunch is served either at Älvåkers skafferi or at Café Vings Kvarn.

When you arrive in Ulricehamn we can recommend a visit the open air bath (Kallbadhuset) before dinner is served at Restaurang Bryggan, right along the shore of lake Åsunden. Your luggage is waiting for you at Hotell Bogesund.

Day 2

Ulricehamn- Tranemo  43 km

  • Breakfast is served at the hotel
  • Lunch at Glasets hus, Limmared
  • Accommodations at Sångbergs in Tranemo
  • Dinner is served at the hotel restaurant

After a nice breakfast at the hotel you will continue your trip along side lake Åsunden and pass several more interesting places along the way. At Skottek, for example, there was the big battle against the Danes in 1520, where our regent Sten Sture jr got shot in the leg by a canon ball. In Marbäck they found the 10 000 year old bones of a man in a field. History and beautiful nature comes together here and soon you arrive in Vegby. We recommend a stop at Café Sjöparken, a cozy cafe where they make their own ice cream.

You continue on towards the main attraction for the day, Limmared. A nice lunch awaits you at Glasets hus (The house of glass) and then you can find much to see and experience. Limmared is best known for the “Absolut Vodka” bottle that is made here at Limmareds Glasbruk. It is the oldest still-running glassworks and was founded in 1740. Glasets hus is not only a cafe and restaurant, but also has a museum, a glass-blowing hot shop, and children’s’ activities. If you don’t feel like learning how to blow glass, you can instead go shopping at all the antique and second hand shops in the town center. There are 14 of them!

There is only a short way to go from Limmared to the end destination for the day, Tranemo. Here you can find Tranemo church that is well worth a visit. The church is relatively modern, built in 1882, and is designed by an architect from Borås. It has a very unusual design – it is hexagonal and has seven towers. You spend the night at the hotel Sångbergs, near the town center, and dinner is served at the hotel restaurant.

Dag 3

Tranemo – Borås  60 km

Just outside of Tranemo there is a small village called Uddebo, where there is a lot of happenings. The village has become a cultural central where inhabitants and visitors arrange events, such as festivals, courses, and projects in all genres. Whatever is on today’s agenda varies, but the center of it all is the big building that was once an upholstery weaving mill in the center of the village.

As you continue on from Uddebo you will come to the small industrial community Strömsfors where you can find the old factory of Strömsfors Bruk as well as the Strömsfors Villa. The factory is open for events and the beautiful Strömsfors Villa has hotel and events for booking guests, but there is much to see in the beautiful surroundings. There is a story path along the river Assman, with signs that tell you all about the old buildings and their importance to the community.

The next big town is Svenljunga and here we recommend a pause for a Swedish fika before you continue on to today’s lunch stop – Köksträdgården in Lockryd. Lockryd lies beautifully at the shore of lake Sandsjön and you can go for a swim before the last and final stretch back to Borås.

Included in the package:

  • 3 days on bicycle
  • 2 hotel stays
  • 2 breakfasts
  • 3 lunches
  • 2 dinners, one of them two courses
  • Luggage transportation between hotels
  • Maps and descriptive road maps

Add-on bicycle rental – helmet and locks included.

  • Citybike, 7 gears and handlebar basket SEK 550
  • Electric citybike, 7 gears and handlebar basket: SEK 1500

Are you a group of more than 6 people? Or do you have questions?

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